15 reasons you may need an electrician

  • Certificate of Compliance is a non negotiable when selling a property. The property has to be 100% compliant when the new owner takes occupation. Rather have a qualified and most of all experienced electrician perform work, when it’s time to sell the snag list will be almost non existent. You might save a couple hundred by using a fly by night electrician but in the long run cost you a lot more.
  • Fault finding can sometimes take 5 minutes or a lot longer depending on the experience and knowledge of the electrician. 
  • No power at a point can be frustrating and the only solution is to call an electrician.
  • Earth leakage tripping is a fault within the house or office, start by switching all the switches off at the DB board switching one on at a time to isolate where the fault is.
  • Plugs not working, now you’re having to run an extension cord is dangerous, the fix will defiantly require an electrician to attended to it.
  • Lights not coming on at night,day /night switch could be a faulty day night sensor which is a quick fix you could possibly sort out yourself, otherwise call one of our electricians.
  • Move DB to a different location because of building work you’re about to do is a messy job but if you’re having building work done then its expected.
  • Solar hybrid inverter system is complete peace of mind with the almost 365 days of sunshine in Durban and any other part of KZN. Solar allows you to be self sufficient and now rely on Eskom. With advancements in lighting technology we’re now able to light a room using a lot less power, this is one of the factors that make Solar power a choice for people living in Durban.
  • Pre-paid meter installation are a great way for your tenants to keep track and pay for their electrical usages.
  • New aircon feed/isolator is a necessity when having a new air-conditioning installed at your home or office, with Durban summers getting over 38 degrees an aircon is a must have.
  • Apply for three phase power is used when heavy machines are going to be used in a property. When buying or renting make sure 3 phase is part of the building if not then you’ll need to apply.
  • Move meter to boundary wall if you don’t like the meter reader coming inside taking his life in his hands because of your Pitbull
  • Inverter system. Back up power is part of doing business in South Africa, if you don’t have some kind of back up power the future is very rosey. Some systems are modular allowing you to add on as you can.
  • Geyser not getting hot/geyser tripping there are many reasons why your geyser isn’t working properly. Make sure the switch is up on the DB board if its not getting hot and check that water is flowing out the overflow, call an electrician or a quality plumbing company like www.clickaplumber.co.za 
  • Ceiling fans is a quick and effective way of cooling a room down and on a hot summer Durban night you’ll be thanking yourself for having the ceiling fan you bough installed by one of our electricians.
If you need assistance with any of the above set up an appointment with one of our electricians who’ll give you the best legal option.

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