We service all residential wiring in the greater Durban area

Electrician Durban offer the following services for all residential wiring systems, including electrical service upgrades and panel changeovers:

  • Test and inspect existing wiring for safety and efficiency
  • Rewire and replace where necessary
  • Trace and Identify Electrical Panels and Circuits
  • Install Electrical Distribution Panels, Sub-Panels, Circuit Breakers, and Transformers

When performing electrical service upgrades, our team will ensure that your home’s electrical systems are brought up to current code standards. Typically, this involves replacing old fuse blocks with modern circuit breakers and panels. We will also check over your wiring, ensuring that it meets modern standards, and will rewire your circuits as needed. This way, you will know that your home’s electrical systems are safe to use, reducing the risk of electrical shorts and fires.

Additionally, if you are planning on buying a new home or selling your current one, then an electrical inspection should be performed first. This ensures that the property you are buying or selling is up to code. If the electrical systems do not meet the current code standards, then we recommend taking care of the electrical service upgrades before finishing the property sale.

Lighting systems

Our electricians install, repair, or replace interior and exterior lighting, lamps, ballasts, and fixtures, and ensure emergency lighting systems, batteries, and power supplies are maintained.

Custom wiring systems

  • LED Recessed Lighting.
  • Ceiling Fan Installations.
  • Install and Repair Fire Alarms.
  • Install, Repair, or Replace Electric and Interconnected Smoke Alarms.

Electrical inspections

Buying or selling a home? We can perform a full electrical inspection and point out any possible hazards or hazardous conditions in your home before purchasing or selling the property, such as:

  • Circuit Breaker Inspections.
  • Any Grounding Related Hazards.
  • Outdated Wiring.
  • Any Low-Quality or Unsafe Visible Wiring.

Electrical project management – design and consulting

Let us design your next project, whether it is a newly built construction or a renovation. We offer professional designs for the best functionality or recommendations to improve electrical safety around your home:

  • Custom Lighting Systems.
  • Custom Wiring Placement.
  • Cost-Effective Ways To Update Old Wiring.
  • Electrical Energy Management.

Focus on quality and safety

At Electrician Durban we understand the importance of providing quality service when working on your home’s electrical systems. This helps to ensure that your home’s wiring and circuits are safe to use. So, whether we are repairing your electrical systems, upgrading your circuit panels, or rewiring your house, our experienced electricians will always provide top quality workmanship.

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